Premium Steaks
Experience our promise to deliver an exceptional eating experience every time you serve it to your family and friends.
We Ship All Over Canada! is an online e-commerce storefront operated by Riz Global Foods and located in Toronto, Ontario. We ship premium halal Angus and Wagyu Steaks and value-added products directly to your door; anywhere in Canada.
How it Works
Step 1: Select Your Meat
Choose from a great selection of Angus Steaks and Wagyu and Lamb products that range from everyday picks to specialty items. After adjusting quantities and applying any coupons you may have, submit your order.
Step 2: Delivered to Your Door
After receiving your order, we carefully package your meats and place them in an insulated box with dry ice or ice gel packs. It will then be sent through FedEx overnight to your door in 1-7 days. For clients in Mississauga, we have a curbside pickup as well.
Step 3: Cook and Enjoy
Explore our recipes, tips & tricks, and enjoy your meal.
Step 4: Post your Pictures
Post a review on our site and upload pictures of your creations and collect points for every submission. You can then redeem the points at your next purchase.